Bore Hole Drilling

Free water on demand!

A borehole is able to give you your very own water supply with minimum cost after installation. With the rising cost of mains water your very own supply will quickly become a valuable asset.  Many boreholes pay for themselves within a short period of time.

We are able to drill down to 300ft in depth to be able to maintain a constant water supply, and maximise the life of the bore hole.

The Water Act of 2003

The Water Act of 2003 states that Domestic Users may daily extract up to 20 cubic metres , 20 000 litres, 4400 gallons, (in metered form about £20 worth per day) of ground water for domestic usage without any permission being required and with no charge or fee.

A well utilised borehole will pay for itself in a couple of years.

Click here to read the official act in full on the government website